Leaders in the industry weigh-in on how the Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation has raised awareness of ACEs in our community and how the foundation’s support of various programs has proven to be successful in the Mahoning Valley and beyond!

The focus of Butterflies and Hope on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) will assure improved physical and behavioral health outcomes in our valley.  We’ve known about the “medical offset theory” for almost 40 years.  The fact that the majority of visits to the primary care provider are not due directly to an organic illness has been well known in the literature.  What we have found is that ACE’s have a lifelong impact on one’s health unless recognized and dealt with by a professional.  Butterflies and Hope is spreading the word through education and increasing community awareness AND by supporting innovative screening in primary care offices (as researched at One Health Ohio) toward earlier identification and intervention.

As the chair of Trumbull County’s Trauma Informed Care Steering Committee, I speak for our membership in expressing our thanks to the Foundation for this work.  Butterflies and Hope will have a lasting impact on thousands of individuals and our entire community as it changes the face of primary healthcare with awareness of ACE’s impact.

Tim Schaffner

Executive Director, Trumbull County Children Services

The Trumbull County Family and Children First Council recently had the great privilege to partner with the Butterflies and Hope Memorial  Foundation, and the results were terrific.  In March of 2018, Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation sponsored a training on trauma and its lifelong effects on children, youth, and adults.  The Foundation’s commitment to addressing these effects go far beyond this sponsorship, but the commitment to the citizens of our community in addressing adverse childhood experiences was reflected in the generosity and cooperation of Dr. Dwinnells and his staff.  The training was wonderful, praised by all who attended, and a stepping stone for future progress.  The Trumbull County Family and Children First Council hopes to have opportunities in the future to join the Foundation in its important work.
Margie Alexander

Coordinator (Former), Trumbull County Family and Children First Council

A big thank you to butterflies and Hope and One Health Ohio for their support of Good Grief at Camp Frederick. Together with other donors we were able to serve 54 youth who had experienced the death of a loved one. Many of these youth had experienced the trauma of sibling death, loved ones who died by suicide, overdose or murder.  In addition many had been in foster care or living with relatives due to the bad choices of loved ones.  The ACS is a valuable tool in helping identifying those in need and our camp works to acknowledge the pain, teach coping skills and encourage youth to have fun and be a kid.
Jane Peachey

Director, Good Grief at Camp Frederick

Dr. Dwinnells’ support will make it possible for so many people to learn about ACEs and the importance of understanding the long-lasting effects childhood trauma can have on a person.  We believe our training will make a difference in the lives of those who hear the message.
Bonnie Wilson

Coordinator, Trumbull County Family and Children First Council