Butterflies and Hope Fundraising


Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation is designated a 501 (C) 3 tax-exempt organization.  It intends to raise funds and support organizations and individuals who help improve the lives of those afflicted with mental and behavioral health problems including addictions, depressions, and substance abuse especially those suffered by children.

Because Dr. Dwinnells, the founder, is a pediatrician by profession, his passion is to prioritize support for children who either suffer from these maladies or are victims of parental or other adults who suffer from mental and/or behavioral health issues.

The following are planned fund-raising events.  They are primarily designed to attract attention and improve awareness in our communities of the rampant problems of drug and alcohol addiction; mental illnesses including depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation or completion especially of our children.

Butterflies and Hope welcome any help you can provide including volunteerism, donation of goods and money.

ONE Health Ohio has already implemented this program and made significant contributions to Butterflies and Hope.  If your organization would like to help us in this manner, please contact Butterflies and Hope.