Climbing for Hope Fundraiser

THANK YOU for all your support on our campaign to increase awareness and support children who experience adverse childhood situations (ACEs).  We raised $3,722 on this effort and plan to use the funds to:

  • Increase awareness about ACEs for the general public;
  • Provide direct support by sponsoring educational sessions for school teachers about Trauma Informed Care (TIC), so they can help their classroom children;
  • Support research activities;
  • And, provide direct help to kids who have experienced trauma and dysfunction. 

An excellent resource to find out more about ACEs is to go on the following ACE’s Connections link:

Check out an article about the climb in the ACEs Connection Blog: Ohio physician takes ACEs to top of Mount Fuji, Mount St. Helens; sets sights on Kilimanjaro

Why Mountains

Dr. Dwinnells’ passion to climb mountains is rooted in his belief that climbing is a significant metaphor for life.  It requires many hours of physical and mental preparation as well as a high level of endurance.  Once on the mountain, many hazards, mistakes and events can occur; however, with persistence, determination and hard work, the summit is achievable just as success is achievable in many of life’s endeavors.


Mountains Climbed

Mt. Elbrus (Russia), Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt. Fuji (Japan), Mt. Shasta (CA), Mt. Whitney (CA), Mt. Rainier (WA), Mt. Hood (OR), Mt. Washington (NH), Mt. Welsh (NH), Mt. Dickey (NH) are on Dr. Dwinnells’ recently climbed mountain resume.